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Michael Chatman is a human sparkplug. He’s founder of Philanthropy Media, author of The Next Celebrity Humanitarian (the most popular, free downloadable e-book on philanthropy available on the internet) and Co-founder of Chatman Social Media. As a top requested speaker, Michael inspires thousands of audience members each year to have their the souls seared by their philanthropy and to make strategic charitable investments.

If you are looking for a speaker who is “high content” and “high energy,” Michael Chatman fits the bill. Part philanthropist, part humorist and part entrepreneur, Michael makes philanthropy and entrepreneurship come together likes peas in a pod.


Michael at Harvard Speaking Event

(Michael speaking at Harvard University)


Voted one of the most influential figures in new philanthropy, Michael commands attention – and delivers clear take-home-value – to CEO’s, Senior-Level staff of Charitable Giving Fund companies, Principals of Private Foundations, Executive Directors, Donors (small, middle and large), Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs committed to philanthropy and strategic charitable investments.


When you invite a maverick philanthropist like Michael for your event, he won’t:

  • Read boring power point slides to the audience
  • Act like a prima donna before, during or after your event
  • Display charts or project slides with 10-point font and expect the audience to see it
  • Insult your audience or their intelligence.


Here’s what Michael will do (and has consistently done for audiences around the country for fifteen years):

  • Tell the truth about what it takes to have philanthropic impact (And when the truth is hard to hear, he’ll make your audience laugh).
  • Make data sizzle. Michael knows that executives love numbers, but he takes it a step further and animates the research with stories, humor and insight.
  • Have fun, and help your attendees see their strengths as the beneficiaries of their giving sees them
  • Invest more time after the presentation with the key decision makers who can bring about change. In this smaller, more intimate meeting, Michael welcomes a candid discussion where key officials can ask the tough questions, and he can offer more specific advice and counsel.


Michael’s message and speaking style is not for everyone. If you have uptight, adverse to change participants, who can’t laugh, and aren’t receptive to new ideas resulting in a more strategic approach to philanthropy, please stop reading now and Google “speakers who make us feel good about the status quo.”


Speaking fee varies depending on location, date and audience.

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