Philanthropy Speakers Agency (PSA), a talent management company, representing thought leaders from the charitable giving sector.

We bring you the people you want to see face-to-face who bring content to life. PSA speakers are philanthropy experts, foundation executives, leaders of philanthropy and giving associations, celebrity humanitarians, best-selling authors, and some of the most knowledgeable university professors speaking on the issues related to philanthropy, social enterprise, fundraising, grant-making and charitable investing.


Philanthropy Speakers Agency represents the best and most prominent speakers in the field of philanthropy and charitable giving.

Our speakers are major thought leaders, celebrated personalities, executives and top experts on the most relevant issues in the philanthropic community. PSA speakers have their own unique style, presence and perspective, and have been used with proven results by organizations, trade associations, philanthropy forums, educational institutions and corporations.


Philanthropy Speakers Agency provides an enormous intellectual base from which to draw expertise, informed commentary, and even enjoyable entertainment.


Philanthropy Speakers Agency, a market leader in the charitable sector, brings unique capabilities in lecture representation.


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