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Podcast + Twitter chat


Philanthropy Media conducts moderated Twitter chats and webinars with its audience aimed at taking a pulse of your community, sharing knowledge and inspiring action.

These interactive sessions provide valuable feedback in real time without the burden of expensive and time-consuming surveys and act as live panels – an hour to demonstrate their authenticity, transparency and efforts to engage on issues that matter.

The chats reach an active, diverse and highly engaged audience of Journalists, Analysts, Activists, Academics, Investors, Researchers, Public Relations, Investor Relations, Prospective Employees, Public Policy Professionals, Students, Sustainability Professionals and Consumers, Program Volunteers, Donors and Community, Private and Family Foundation professionals.

Audience members include corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, academia and research institutions, PR and marketing agencies, investors, researchers, everyday philanthropists and charitable volunteers.



  • Philanthropy Media will pitch the opportunity to audience members focused on your philanthropic initiatives/Foundation partnerships/volunteer activities with Michael Chatman as the moderator.
  • Chatman will drive sales leads to Philanthropy Media through his network.
  • Chatman and Philanthropy Media’s Editorial team will work with you to prep, create a topic, set up questions and promote the podcast and chat.
  • Chatman will facilitate the live podcast and will moderate the Twitter chat.
  • Philanthropy Media will create a summary of the Twitter chat to be published and promoted across Philanthropy Media channels along with the recording of the podcast and highlights.



  • Podcast/chat
  • Promotion across traditional and social media through Philanthropy Media and Michael Chatman’s channels
  • Prep
  • Facilitation
  • Podcast recording
  • Twitter chat Transcript
  • Detailed Analytics Report
  • Follow up blog post(s)

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