Become a Philanthropy and Non-Profit Thought-Leader


You may have thought about it – having the credential “best-selling author” or “national speaker” accompany your name and positioning your organization as the “go-to” organization of choice for media professionals. The national platform, instant credibility, and celebrity status that cause media outlets to contact you to talk about your charitable organization are necessary to bring awareness about mission and invite others to partner with you


Chances are you have made attempts to get your message out, but it has not resulted in a well thought out branding campaign through authoring a book, speaking at targeted events and media exposure.


Are you an expert or leader in philanthropy wanting to attract a larger audience? Is your goal to build your reputation, increase your recognition or raise more funds for your charitable organization, cause or event? If so, not having brand recognition, media credentials and credibility is going to significantly affect your chances of having more social impact.


Knowing this, Celebrity Philanthropy Agency can level the playing field in your favor and turn a leader like you into a celebrity philanthropy expert and influencer – and make you the “go-to” person in your field that media professionals, publishing companies, speaker agencies and social impact partners want to work with.


We help foundation executives, social entrepreneurs, senior leaders of non-profits and philanthropists share their expertise through book publishing, radio, print and television appearances, digital and social media, and speaking engagements. We help leaders in the field of philanthropy to further define their identity, establish their credibility, build their reputation and generate more impact,” explains Sandy Taylor, Director of Marketing of Philanthropy Media, an initiative of Celebrity Philanthropy Agency. “We do this using the reach, media exposure, corporate and donor advisors, and fifteen years of experience in the philanthropic sector. There are plenty of agencies working with movie stars and professional athletes. Our specialty is professional experts in the field of philanthropy. If you have expertise backed by a solid humanitarian mission, we can let the world know about it.