Michael Chatman Giving Show Top 20 Blogs in Philanthropy

The world of philanthropy has seen many changes. Technological advancements realized in the contemporary world have had a huge impact in philanthropic work. Philanthropists are making use of technological aids to advance their courses. It is much easier to conduct philanthropic work using the aids provided by technology, especially the internet. Using internet supported technologies like blogs has transformed and revolutionized the world of philanthropy.

Now using a single blog you can reach millions if not billions of people to assist your charitable organization to pursue its objectives and goals. You can easily solicit for funds to assist the less privileged members of the society from around the globe and alleviate their suffering. If there is a need to create awareness about a particular issue that needs urgent attention on a global level then blogs are there for you. Currently we have some outstanding blogs that have made good use of the space provided to them to help advance the work of philanthropy. The following 20 blogs have been instrumental in advancing philanthropic work around the world;

Amy Sample’s Blog

A popular speaker who has given many speeches in many conferences around the world on issues touching on nonprofits. Her blog talks about many nonprofit items that can be implemented to assist the society. It discusses issues of social media and how it can assist people to transform their lives. This is a very good resource for those who seek to find new ways of advancing their charities or foundations.

Sarah Durham’s Blog

This blog is run by Big Duck Consulting, which offers cut-throat advice on how to dealing with branding of nonprofits. This is basically marketing being dealt with at a high level. Branding if done well should make a nonprofit organization standout from the rest. Pay a visit to the blog and learn from the experts.

Beth Kanter’s Blog

Beth Kanter is the CEO of a consulting firm known as Zoetica, who happens to be an avid blogger who explores ways of helping and advancing the good of the community in her blog. She is well known in social media for nonprofits. This blog will offer you a whole new view of nonprofits.

Allison Fine’s Blog 

She is an advocate of social change through the nonprofits organizations. Her blog offers the latest developments in the world of charitable work. You will be surprised to know how much is taken for granted by leaders of nonprofits.

Katya Andresen’s Blog 

Her blog has an enormous amount of useful information for charitable organizations. The blog gives insights on how owners or leaders of nonprofit organizations can market their organizations to raise funds to assist the society. The way she explains issues makes it very easy for a user to follow and understand.

Nancy Schwartz’s Blog

An outstanding blog that includes case studies to show you exactly how marketing nonprofits works. She explores the ways which leaders of nonprofits can use to enjoy full participation of their employees and supporters/donors. Through this blog you will be able to pick the best advice on how to advance a charitable organization.

Jeff Brooks’ Blog

Giving is a worthy course, a mantra that Jeff Brook believes in. His blog gives a lot of information as to how philanthropists can make use of the internet to raise funds. You will get a host of useful information on the dos and don’ts of online fundsraising.

Don Akchin’s Blog

Don Akchin is a marketing consultant who runs this blog to assist charitable organizations in their marketing endeavors. He puts across his lessons quiet easily by putting a personal approach to the issues he talks about. Most of the issues he talks about are a result of personal experiences, thus the name “the accidental marketer.”

Jason Dick’s Blog

This is a blog that is filled with very fresh ideas on how to deal with issues of fundraising for charitable organizations. Jason a philanthropist at heart explores how giving helps to assist the needy in the society.

Kivi Leroux Miller’s Blog

Kivi through her blog explains the ways to effectively market a nonprofit organization. She explores the need for consistence in the kind of messages that we send out to the public and our sponsors. In this blog you will also find information on how to raise funds for a nonprofit, a wide range of fundraising activities are discussed in depth.

Lori Halley’s Blog

This blog is dedicated to helping small associations that are meant to help the communities around them. The blog discusses the challenges that such organizations have to endure. It also keeps you up-to-date on web technologies that can be used to advance your nonprofit organization.

Marc Pitman’s Blog

Dealing with an expert in any field is much easier. Marc Pitman is an expert fundraiser with a wealth of innovative ideas on how to fundraise. Through his blog you will get to understand the dynamics of fundraising.

Pamela Grow’s Blog

This blog just makes things easier for those who seek to writing grant proposals. The blog will equip you with skills needed to write winning proposals for grants to support your foundation.

Jake Seliger’s Blog

An instrumental blog written by a veteran in writing for grants, the blog should assist you to keep abreast with the changes that are taking place in writing for grants. You will get to improve your grant writing skills through this blog.

Britt Bravo’s Blog

This is a blog that shows you how you can do good for the society while enjoying what you are doing. Giving does not have to be a painful experience for the giver, you can give and still have fun. You will get to understand the power of giving and how satisfying it can be.

Joe Waters’ Blog

The blog offers a diverse range of opinions about cause marketing. The blog teaches nonprofits on how to use cause marketing and social media avenues to establish, grow and maintain strong relationships with their donors and consumers / customers.

Charity Navigator Blog

There are so many organizations that solicit for funds purporting to assist societies. This particular blog assists you to find charities that are genuine and who deserve your donations. The blog also will keep you updated on philanthropic issues.

Give Well Blog

This blog offers donors with an easy to use tool to determine the charities that can have the kind of impact they want their donations to achieve in the long run. The blog publishes detailed information about an analysis they conduct on charities so that donors can decide on where to make their donations to.

Care2’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Another great blog that assists those in the nonprofit world, those who seek to help the less privileged members of the society. This blog helps the charitable organizations to realize better returns from their online marketing activities.

Research Made Easy

This blog helps people who want to do research work on nonprofit related issues. You will easily get information from this blog for your research work.



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